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Current Graduate Students

Julie Feusier
Julie FeusierPhD Candidate

I am interested in human genetic variation. My current project focuses on understanding the evolution, mutation rate, and other characteristics of Alu elements. Alu elements belong to the SINE family of transposable elements and can actively retrotranspose in humans.

Kristi Russell
Kristi RussellPhD Candidate
Cecile Avery
Cecile AveryPhD Candidate

I am interested in complex disease genetics- particularly the genetics of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (JIA). I utilize various computational tools to analyze rare coding and non-coding variants and  structural variants to better understand the pathophysiology of JIA. Additionally, collaboration with physicians of the University of Utah Children’s Hospital enable family studies and the assembly of large cohorts to further empower existing computational techniques and our ability to understand this polygenic disease.